Superintendent Goals

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Superintendent's Goals

The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer and chief instructional officer of the Board of Education and the School District, and shall be responsible for the execution of all actions of the Board, the administration and operation of the public school system subject to the policies of the Board, and the supervision of all matters pertaining to instruction in all the schools under the direction of the Board. The Superintendent’s goals will be aligned to the District’s mission: “to provide an educational foundation that allows each student to reach his or her individual potential.”

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Goal 1 - Positive and Supportive Culture: The Superintendent will provide a safe, respectful and welcoming learning environment that fosters a climate of support and respect and instills a sense of community among its students, families and staff.

  • Restorative Practice in elementary, middle and high schools
  • Continue to collaborate with the District’s Special Education Parent Committee to focus on outreach and communication
  • Initiate a “Connections Club” at the high schools to support new students
  • We will adopt a district wide program for diversity and inclusion
  • Expand the District’s SEL curriculum aligned with the five CASEL competencies at the elementary level and at the secondary level
  • Review literature selections with the secondary English Department to ensure a range of cultural representation

Goal 2 - Social and Emotional Learning and Support for Students: The Superintendent will foster a thriving and compassionate community of students and adults whose performance and well-being are fostered by an intentional focus on evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning.

  • Build further capacity for SEL through the District SEL Committee including regular meetings and present progress at the school board meeting
  • Present strategies to students and staff to assist with stress and anxiety (Mindfulness) and evaluate impact
  • Offer a one-day education conference “Building Compassionate Learning Communities” in partnership with the Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Present education programs to assist parents in supporting their children to be successful students
  • Provide training for all staff regarding mental health and well-being (applicable to students and adults) in conjunction with Centura Health and Christ Adventist Hospitals
  • Make well-being resources available for students and staff (e.g. apps, texts, teaching materials)
  • Work closely with the Douglas County Commissioner’s Mental Health Committee

Goal 3- Aligned Instructional System: The Superintendent will clearly articulate and support academic expectations with an appropriate curriculum that includes content, scope and sequence.

  • Develop and implement a common curriculum framework aligned and equitably distributed resources (Strategic Theme #5 and CAILL Framework)
  • Complete Constituent Driven Strategic Plan
  • Ensure a deep understanding of the new Colorado Academic Standards implementation
  • Review the District’s gifted program and screening process and make refinements as necessary
  • Utilize assessment data that are aligned to grade-level expectations to ensure post-graduation guidance and preparation (Strategic Theme #3)
  • Increase the number of students in our Pathways Programs (e.g. Concurrent Enrollment, Internships, etc.)

Goal 4- Safety and Security: The Superintendent will work to provide a school environment for staff, teachers, students and families that are inviting, accessible, safe and secure.

  • Continue regular Standard Response Protocol training for all students and staff at each school in cooperation with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Lock Out, Lock Down, Shelter In-Place, etc.)
  • Promote the Student Protect app, Safe2Tell and develop benchmark data
  • Evaluate the impact of the School Resource Officer Program at the secondary level
  • Establish and hold quarterly meetings of a Community/District Safety, and Mental Well-Being Committee
  • Research and apply for potential state grants for school security
  • Continue to monitor the District-wide Threat Assessment Team to respond to incidents

Goal 5- Recruit, Retain and Develop High Quality Staff: The Superintendent will collaborate with the District’s Human Resources Department to recruit, develop, support, retain and celebrate high quality educators

  • Develop and broaden educator pipeline and recruitment efforts
  • Increase teacher knowledge around content, pedagogy, and cultural relevance to impact student outcomes via PD
  • Provide continued support for employee wellness including comprehensive benefit programs, wellness events and Employee Assistance Programs
  • Review and enhance benefit and compensation structures
  • Continue to work collaboratively with the District’s Employee Council
  • Enhance the District’s Apple Awards Program, retirement ceremony and continue to formally recognize staff at every regular Board of Education meeting
  • Superintendent will send out a survey annually to staff pertaining to Board Goals
  • Provide annual retention rates
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