CVHS Football Star's Determination Inspires

CVHS Football Star's Determination Inspires
Posted on 11/18/2019
Jordan Jackson at football practice

CASTLE ROCK– It’s a very uncommon story for somebody with such a common name.

Jordan Jackson is a senior at Castle View High School. He loves football– he’s been playing the game since elementary school. Coaches and teammates often describe him as somebody with passion and intensity, but it’s his determination that sets him apart.

Jackson’s favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs, but one of his favorite players is a Seattle Seahawk: linebacker Shaquem Griffin.

Jordan’s father Ellery recalls the day that Griffin entered the league. 

Jordan scores a touchdown

“While Jordan was on the phone he saw that Shaquem Griffin was drafted, and he disappeared. I looked all over for him and I found him on the side of a of a trash can. And he’s just kinda, he’s just kinda, you know,” recalls Ellery Jackson, emulating tears falling down his face. “He said ‘he did it.’ When that happened, it gave him hope. He’s just like, ‘If he can do it, I’m gonna do it.’”

The moment was so meaningful to Jordan because of what it represented. Shaquem Griffin and Jordan Jackson share a common bond. 

“I was born with it,” says Jordan. “I think it’s called Amniotic Band Syndrome. I was pretty much just born without a [left] hand.”

Jordan with Shaqeum and Shaquill GriffenIn 2018, the Castle View High School football booster club flew Jordan out to Seattle to meet Shaquem Griffin. The two talked for several minutes. Jordan left inspired.

He has carried that inspiration into his senior year of high school football. This year, while preparing for a playoff game, Jordan had an idea. 

“There’s a kid named Ryan Snow,” Ellery explained. “‘He’s [Jordan’s] reading buddy. Jordan asked if we could get him to the game and I was like ‘I’ll see.’”

With help from the team and Snow’s principal, Kellie Roe, the Clear Sky fifth-grader got a sideline view of Jordan’s big game. 

“I’ve heard that he’s been a really good football player,” said Snow as he watched the team go through warmup drills. Jackson has also been a role model for the Clear Sky fifth-grader. Ryan Snow Walks with Castle View football team

The high school football player with the common name has something in common with his reading buddy. 

“When I was younger I thought there was nobody else in the world that had a hand difference like mine,” said Snow, who also has Amniotic Band Syndrome. “When you meet someone, it makes you feel so much better that you’re not alone in the world.”

Ryan’s dad Andrew is happy to see the connection the two have made. 

“I think it’s great that he has a positive role model and it shows him that anything is possible,” says Andrew Snow.

Jordan Jackson has made a habit of proving people wrong. His dad was concerned when Jordan first wanted to play football. 

“The first practice when I saw him hit someone - I knew he’d be fine,” said the elder Jackson.

Jordan is planning on playing college football next year. He dreams of playing professionally. His dad has learned not to doubt. 

“He can do whatever. He can do anything he wants.”

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