DCSD Future Career Showcase

DCSD Future Career Showcase Offers Clarity, Opportunities for Students
Posted on 10/04/2019

HIGHLANDS RANCH– It’s often assumed that four years of college will be the next logical step for graduating high school seniors. 

“Especially in our community,” says Mountain Vista Counselor Michael Monnet, “I think most kids think it’s just not a great idea (to forego a four-year college).”

The reality is that many seniors will go to college immediately after high school. What options remain for the students that don’t? That’s where the Future Career Showcase comes in. 

“The purpose of this is to introduce kids to viable alternatives to four-year college,” says Douglas County School District (DCSD) Lead Counselor Aaron Ragon.

Now in its third year, the showcase has become a networking event for seniors looking to get into a trade school. 

“There’s a lot of these places that will actually pay for your schooling to learn what you want to do in the future,” says Seth Padilla, a senior at Mountain Vista.

A variety of fields are represented at the showcase - medical, culinary, construction, engineering, and more. Students get to talk to workers in these career fields to get a feel for the profession. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity to figure out, kind of, what you want to do,” says Isabella, a Freshman at Mountain Vista.

 This year’s showcase was held at Mountain Vista High School. The goal is to host three events - one for each region of the district.

The showcase is proving to be beneficial.


“It gave me hope that I’m actually going to do something with my life,” says Mountain Vista Senior Evan Rouch.

The Future Career Showcase is a way for the Douglas County School District to provide post-secondary opportunities for every student in Douglas County.

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