Neighborhood Schools

kids with teacher gathered around a computer

Neighborhood schools are those that serve a particular geographic area in Douglas County. Open enrollment means that all Douglas County schools are potentially available to all students regardless of geographic area, depending on space availability.

All Douglas County neighborhood public schools teach the same types of content; however, the method of delivering that content differs from school to school. Each neighborhood school is unique in its emphasis and offers a strong educational program for all Douglas County students.

Neighborhood schools offer a strong, locally centered community where students, teachers and parents form a cohesive team to ensure academic excellence for all students. We strongly encourage parents to visit their neighborhood school and determine for themselves which school is the best fit for their student. The vast majority of students in Douglas County attend their neighborhood schools.

Some neighborhood schools have chosen a particular emphasis in their delivery methods, some of which are set forth here. Contact your neighborhood school for more information, and check the main Choice Programming page for neighborhood school information and locations.