Magnet Schools

The Douglas County School District offers two magnet schools, Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Magnet School and Lone Tree Magnet Elementary School. Children may apply to attend these magnet schools on a space available basis through the open enrollment process. Magnet schools are public schools, but they are not charter schools, as they do not have parent boards. However, parent involvement is highly encouraged.

Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Magnet School has Expeditionary Learning and Outward Bound as its special focus. Expeditionary learning is a research-based school design model built around learning expeditions, other active forms of teaching and learning, and a challenging and supportive school culture. The design emphasizes experiential learning, high achievement, character growth and high expectations.

Lone Tree Elementary offers a learning environment that is shaped by the body-brain compatible elements of the Highly Effective Teaching (HET) model. Lone Tree’s physical environment is sensory-rich and its social-emotional environment is designed to nurture reflective thinking. Students work in collaborative teams, make choices, and are provided with immediate feedback about their academic and social-emotional learning. Movement and music are used to enhance learning in the HET model.