Preschool Age Requirements

young girl learning to write letters with fingers in tray of salt, assisted by a female adultECE

Early Childhood Education
Preschool Information Line: 720-433-0025

Serving Children Three to Five Years Old

Students who are age 3 on or before the first day of preschool are eligible to register and begin school at the start of the school year in August. Students who turn 3 after September 1st are eligible to register 3 weeks before they turn 3 and begin school on their 3rd birthday. To align with district practice, students who are 5 years of age on or before October 1st are eligible for kindergarten and not eligible for preschool that school year.

Classroom Sessions

We implement two age-based classroom sessions (AM and PM) to better allow for targeted and age-appropriate learning opportunities. All of our classrooms are programmed as a fully inclusive educational setting. These classrooms are populated with a variety of student learners, including students who are considered "neuro-typical," students who are identified as "at-risk" by the Colorado Preschool Program and students who are identified as having a disability that requires special education services. This inclusive setting fosters a high quality learning environment that provides greater access to age-appropriate peer modeling and higher-level social interactions, play and pre-academic opportunities.

  • Three-year-olds will be placed in the morning session to meet their unique developmental needs
  • Four-year-olds (children who turn 4 by October 1st) will be placed in the afternoon session to support their developmental progress towards and readiness for Kindergarten

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