ZPass and ZPass+


Note- Please check your bus route information before applying for a ZPass or paying any transportation fees to ensure service is provided from your home address to your school. 

You can submit a new or replacement Zpass application through EngagED Parent Portal at engaged.dcsdk12.org during the Express Check-In process after July 15th. If you have questions or concerns, we welcome the opportunity to address them via the Let’s Talk feedback tool. If you lose or misplace your new card once issued, you will have to submit an application for a replacement card.

Every student who rides a DCSD bus must be able to present their Z-Pass card and scan on and off the bus. Parents have the option to sign up for free notifications of when their student scans, the location, and the time. You can find more information here at zpassplus.com.

Rides are billed at $0.50 each way on a quarterly basis. You have the option to choose an annual ride prepayment for $150 in the ZPass application.

Fees are approved by the Board of Education, as allowed under Colorado State Law. Please see the below laws, policies and appendixes:

C.R.S. 22-32-117 Miscellaneous fees

Board Policy JQ - Student Fees

Board Policy JQ - Appendix A

Please review these additional Board policies on student transportation:

Student Behavior Policy
Safety Policy
Walk Zone Policy

Let's Talk Transportation
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