InspirED Innovation

InspirED Innovation is an integrated suite of web-based software tools to assist teachers and leaders. There are currently tools for instructional planning, certified staff evaluation, professional development, student learning objective tracking, and twice annual elementary progress reporting. 

Available Tools

Teacher Evaluation Tool
Facilitates meaningful coaching conversation between our teachers and the leaders that evaluate their performance with the goal of continuous improvement of teacher effectiveness leading to increased student growth and achievement.

Leader Evaluation Tool
Facilitates meaningful conversation between our leaders and those that evaluate their performance to continuously grow leadership effectiveness using analysis and data that ultimately yields strong staff satisfaction and exemplary student academic success.

Professional Development System
Allows creation and management of course catalog, and streamlines content creation, course delivery, accountability, and official transcripts for the professional development of all employees.

Academic Standards Management
Allows management of Colorado state academic standards for integrated use in such things as: instructional planning, assessment alignment, and elementary student progress tracking.

Assessment Library
Provides a centralized hub for assessment information, including an embedded calculator for appraising assessment quality and readiness for use in the Measures of Student Learning process that comprises one half of an educator's evaluation.

Elementary Progress Report
Provides parents/guardians with information about the progress of their child in reading, writing, and math skills, as well as electives and additional academic subjects and school-level behavior expectations.