Help Begins at Your School

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The Special Education team's primary mission is to provide support and resources so the staff at our schools can deliver quality instruction to students in Special Education Programs. For that reason, the place to start is usually your child's school.

Getting Started
If a parent is concerned about their child's progress and want their child tested for special education, they should consider the following options:

School Age
Talk to your student's teacher or counselor. The teacher will refer the child to the school’s Response to Intervention (RTI) team so interventions can be made as needed. If the RTI team feels the student is not making adequate progress with interventions in place, a referral to special education will be made. Parents are always part of the referral team.

Douglas County School District's Child Find offers parents a developmental assessment for young children from birth up to age five. Start by filling out a referral form. If you have any questions, please contact the Child Find Office at 720-433-0020. If you have questions about hearing tests for your child, please contact the Audiology Department at 720-433-0022 or the Audiology Google Site.

Assistance for Special Education Families
The Special Education staff is committed to meeting the needs of our students and their families.

In most cases the process begins at the school level. We encourage parents to first contact their school and then reach up to the next level only if needed.