Timeline for Special Education Process

In most cases the process begins at the school level and follows the timeline below. If you believe that your student may require Special Education services, please contact your child's school to start the process. 

  • Initial referral for Special Education and procedural safeguards given to parents.

  • Consent for assessment given by parents.

  • School personnel have 60 calendar days to administer formal assessments to assist in determining if students meet eligibility requirements for Special Education. All assessments and reports must be completed by this time.

  • School personnel have another 30 days to set up an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting. Parents will recieve Notice of IEP meeting to confirm date/time to meet and review/discuss information obtained.

  • IEP meeting convenes within 30 calendar days of completion of assessments. If student qualifies for Special Education servies, parents must sign a consent form to begin services.

  • Special Education services begin. Another IEP meeting will reconvene in a year from the date of the meeting to review services.