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To be a highly respected and valued District strategic partner that is known for its innovation and high level of service.


To support and enable those who are impacting the quality of education of students (both directly and indirectly) by maximizing their effectiveness. We will accomplish this through:

  • Measuring and improving upon key performance indicators
  • Perfecting systems performance
  • Delivering high value work to customers through migration of HR value from administrative to strategic
  • Attracting, hiring, retaining, and rewarding top talent
  • Communicating essential information consistently and accurately
  • Creative and strategic thinking

Key Strategies:

  • Ensure skills development and effective cross-training in HR
  • Improve cycle time and quality of HR processes
  • Leverage innovation, technology, and automation wherever and whenever possible
  • Focus on costs

Core Values:

  • Customer Service...we strive to work collaboratively to understand the needs of our customers, partner with them to create and implement effective solutions, and honor our commitments made to them.
  • Integrity...we do the right thing; honestly, without compromising the truth or working in the grey area.
  • Innovation...we are disciplined in utilizing creativity, technology, and automation in all that we do.
  • Excellence...we passionately do our best, enable others to reach their potential; while striving for zero errors.
  • Continuous Improvement...we take initiative to constantly pursue better processes and seek personal and professional growth and development for ourselves.
  • Commitment to Communication...we commit to regularly share helpful and relevant information; timely, clearly, candidly, and with transparency.


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