Human Resources Professional Learning

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Peggy Mueller
Director of Human Resources Professional Learning
Arlene Nickerson
Administrative Assistant
Jackie Feely
Human Resources Professional Learning Coordinator
Vanessa Hoffmann
Human Resources Professional Learning Coordinator

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Professional Training for all Employees

Did you know that there are a number of professional development opportunities available here in DCSD for our employees district-wide? Visit our website for more information on the programs listed below. Click here for a catalog of classes offered throughout the year.

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Leadership Institute

This is a comprehensive professional development program for leaders. The program's focus is leadership knowledge, skills, and development for leaders of all work groups. Learn more

Classified Mentor Program

A mentor supports and helps employees feel they have a point of contact for information and expertise. Mentors assist in the orientation of new employees and provide two-way communication to and from the District for all classified staff. Learn more

Essential Skills

Essential Skills classes are designed to improve the job specific skills of employees. Many of these classes are designed to support the various information systems used by the District. Classes include Infinite Campus modules, Workday trainings, New Employee Information, and Technology Orientation. Learn more

Management Seminar

The definition of seminar is “a meeting in which you receive information on and training in a particular subject.” In the Management Seminar program, classes will be offered on a variety of subjects pertinent to staff members in the district that supervise others. Learn more