Bus Routes


Bus Route Information

Parents who have children enrolled in transportation eligible DCSD schools can search the bus route database to determine where the bus stop is located in their neighborhood, and at what time the bus will arrive at the stop, both in the AM and PM, where applicable.

To determine your bus route, enter your home address into the search box.  In some cases, the zip code that is generated in the suggested address may be different than the USPS zip code of your home address. You can use the map available to verify the stop information provided is near your home address.  Your route is located under the stop information (i.e. RTE 152), note A.M. and P.M route numbers may be different. 

Questions or issues regarding your bus route? For the quickest response, use the Let's Talk portal. You will receive a response within 24 hours. 

Reminder: The walk distance is one mile for elementary students and two miles for middle school and high school students. Routes and stops are built based on the safest area for the bus to stop for students to board or leave the bus.