Community Survey Results

Community Survey

The Results
The following are the reports given to the Douglas County School District by Corona Insights following the Community Survey. The Summary of Top-Level Findings report provides an overall understanding of the survey, while the others provide deeper insight into the different stakeholder groups (high school students, parents, employees and community members). The data breakouts provide data collected for each group. Note: In order to ensure the privacy of individuals, we are reviewing the open-ended results for individual names that may be included in responses. These open-ended results will be posted when possible.

Summary of Top-Level Findings

High School Student Survey Report
High School Student Interview Report
High School Student Data Breakouts
High School Student Data Tables & Open Ends (Edited)

Parent and Community Survey Report
Parent Interview Report
Parent and Community Data Breakouts
Parent and Community Data Tables & Open Ends (Edited)

Employee Survey Report
Employee Interview Report
Employee Data Breakouts
Employee Data Tables & Open Ends (Edited)

Higher education and Employer Interview Report

About the DCSD Community Survey

On July 19, 2016, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education approved a proposal by Denver-based research firm, Corona Insights, to implement a district-wide community survey.

The process began in March 2016, when the Board tasked a committee to interview possible vendors to provide a community survey. The committee made up of DCSD employees and former Board President, Meghann Silverthorn, chose Corona Insights from seven survey companies.

Following regional town hall meetings and survey testing, the DCSD Community Survey was distributed in November and December 2016 to parents and guardians of current DCSD students, DCSD employees, high school students, graduating seniors, and a random sampling of 1,600 community members.